[09 April] Facebook and Instagram both DOWN in India!

Instagram and Facebook are reportedly down in the India. Social media users took to Twitter to report pages and stories were not loading as users were met with a message 'couldn't refresh feed'. On Facebook, an error message has also been reported with user… Read more

What is Money App? How it works?

Money App is a promising concept for its simplicity: All you have to do is snap a photo of the bill and add it to the app. Money App will then compare the photo to the receipt you took yourself, estimate how much the bill is worth (taking into account the cash you just… Read more

[Quick] Facts about Credit cards and credit card debt

Getting debt was never easy, but credit card debt is the new challenge of earning money. There's no great reward for going in debt, and this is a huge reason why a high credit score is so important. Make sure you're managing credit debt in a positive way, and y… Read more

Money and The Need of Money: Explained

Money is a fantastic resource and a universally welcomed resource by a good portion of the world. You will need it to pay for certain services, items, etc. Money will work to boost your capabilities. Money should be earned from work, or money from inheritance (reluctan… Read more

Earning Money is fun? - Let's find out!

Earning Money is no fun, and it doesn't make sense to earn money if you don't have a healthy dose of satisfaction from earning money, or a reason to keep doing it. That might sound like a basic motivational issue, but it's not a coincidence that about a t… Read more